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What My Mother Told Me on Mother’s Day Made Me Speechless

Everyone can call their mother a supermom or the best mom in the world. We are all entitled to that claim and besides, we are all proud of our mothers. I myself consider my Nanay as a supermom and I really mean it.

Nanay and I on my graduation day last March 2013.
Nanay and I on my graduation day last March 2013.

Nanay has raised all the eight of us along with my incredibly hardworking Tatay in a decent fashion. As farmers, they have only relied and invested on their guts and skills to have a living and to provide us all our needs.

Nanay has lived a very simple life throughout the years. She’s a serious, emotional, and a selfless person. And in more than two decades, I’ve witnessed how much she has sacrificed for her children, for us. She makes sure that in every meal, her children eat first before she takes her own share. Nanay’s favorite line would be,

“Sige na anak, sa’yo na lang (ang pagkain) busog pa ako.”

Nanay will insist on giving us even her last piece of chicken, her last slice of mango, or even her last glass of juice even though we all know that she’s also hungry. That’s the unconditional love of a mother.

Talking about love, last May 10, as the world celebrates Mother’s Day, Nanay uttered some tear-jerking words that once again proved how much she loves us. It really made me speechless, and it hit me hard.

While Nanay and I together with my ate and our youngest sister were having a fun chat under our Nipa hut, Nanay reminisced her mother’s memories. She talked about Apo’s (our lola) childish acts on her last years. As Nanay recalls the later years of Apo, she can’t help but tell us that she don’t want to reach such age when she can’t longer help on the house chores or walk on herself. Sabi ni Nanay,

“Ayoko nang abutin yung ganung edad. Gusto ko pag wala na akong pakinabang sa mga anak ko, kunin na ako ni Lord.”

My ate jokingly asked,

“Nay, bakit naman? Wag naman ganun.”

I was carefully listening at that moment and when I thought what I heard was saddening, I heard an even more heart-wrenching line from her.

“Kasi ayokong mahirapan ang mga anak ko.”, said Nanay as she answers ate’s question.

Right after Nanay said those words, I went speechless and walk away from the hut because I feared that I might cry. Instead, I went inside my hideout, turned on the computer and drafted this blog post as I reflect on what Nanay has said.

Nanay’s sentimental words reminded me of the Story of the Aged Mother that tells about an old and ailing mother who was about to be abandoned by his son in the forest. While the son was carrying her mother on his back, the mother picks and cuts small branches of the trees they pass through. Before leaving his mother, the son asked her mom why did she cut the branches. The aged mother answered,

“Son, I love you so much that I don’t want you to get lost on your way home.”

We really can’t measure the depth of love our mothers have for us and it’s unfortunate that sometimes we tend to take them for granted. Love and respect your parents as much as you can and you’ll never regret it for the rest of your life. Show them that you care before it’s too late.

In the end you’ll learn that you should always appreciate your mother and your father because in this life, you’ll never get another.

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