Omar Manalansan
Omar Manalansan

Who Am I

Hi there! Glad to see you here. Let’s get enough of the third person for a while!

I am Omar and this is my blog. I am a public school elementary teacher by profession and I currently live in the Philippines.

Aside from from being an educator, I am also a passionate blogger, self-taught graphic designer, coffee lover, wannabe writer, sports enthusiast, One Piece fanatic, and a huge fan of JESUS. Most of my friends call me Omaru (I prefer being called this way).

I have a loving family, and a very beautiful girl friend (soon to be wife). And oh! I love to watch movies and go travelling, whenever I have the luxury of time.

My Hobbies

Web Developing
Web Designing
Microsoft Office
PC Management & Maintenance
Computer Hardware Servicing
Video Editing
Audio Editing

Why Did I Create This Blog?

My job is one that demands a lot of time. When I say “a lot of time“, this means doing work late at night and early in the morning. I didn’t say that it’s always like that, but more often than not, it happens.

Because of that, I felt the need to find an outlet where I can express whatever it is that runs in mind. A place where I can shout out my rants, or burst into laughter.

But more importantly, I thought of a place where I can inspire others by letting them know of my wonderful adventures and misadventures. An online diary, a personal journal. And then I created this blog and the rest was history.

Join me as I wander through a life of awesome adventures and thrilling surprises.

Here’s hoping that you’ll be inspired by the stories you’ll see in this blog. If not, at least bear with it, please. haha.


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